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" We have been with HCS for many years now. We have found, over the years, that HCS has been able to cater to many if not all of our growing needs. I always feel more than comfortable talking with ownership, upper management, and even office/field personnel. While I know that the computer and POS fields are highly competitive, we have always been able to offer our franchisees an easy and affordable option through HCS with their POS needs. I would recommend that you at least take a look at what HCS has to offer. I am confident that they will meet or exceed your goals. Darrell Guariniello "
— Wing Warehouse

Long Range Paging Systems

LRS Long Range Paging Systems

Restaurant pagers, Beepers and Buzzers for waiting guests.

Restaurant pagers are a perfect tool to help you increase sales and improve service.  With our restaurant pagers, beepers and buzzers your operation will notice several key benefits.

  • Increase the number of tables your restaurant turns.
  • Reduce guests from leaving by handing them a beeper.
  • Maintain a quieter atmosphere by eliminating the need for an overhead PA system.
  • Locate guests more quickly decreasing your table turn time.
  • Give guests the freedom to visit the bar or go outside.

LRS is the leading innovator of restaurant paging systems.  We were the creators of the first coaster pager and have since developed new technologies to improve restaurant operations.

Restaurant pagers, beepers and Buzzers for Servers and Staff.

Restaurant pagers are not only available to page waiting guests but are also aavailable to help servers to expedite orders.  All of our restaurant server pagers, beepers, and buzzers can be called from the kitchen transmitter as well as from the transmitter at the host stand.

Server pagers, beepers, and buzzers will increase sales and improve service with the following benefits.

  • Increase check averages.
  • Dramatically improve service levels.
  • Servers stay out on the floor with the guests.

Contact Hospitality Control Systems so we can incorporate the LRS Pager System into your operation today.