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" I am very happy to use HCS and their product. It meets the needs of both of my operations. HCS has taken very good care of me and met all of my needs. Akinyemi Affrica "
— Angie's Soulfood

Spy Pro Control Plus

Draft and Pour Solution!

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These liquor control devices are designed to control liquor. They offer 4 predetermined portions for each of either 1 or 15 distinct price categories and up to 6 digital beer monitors

These devices operate using tried and true ring coded pourers with berg type metal rings. They also allow for 8 price levels per day, programmed start up and shut down and report printing. They are quad lingual and offer numerous communication options..



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  • TCP / IP Network Card. (POS, PC)
  • USB Bluetooth (Interface)
  • USB Keyboard (Programming)
  • Up to 30 Individual Servers (Dallas Key)
  • Interfacable Bevcon Liquor + Soda
  • Automatic Beer Head Connectivity 8, 16,32
  • Upgrade to 16, 32, 48 or 64 additional beer lines

Spy Pro Features

  • 15 Price Categories (Unlimited Number of Bottles)
  • 4 Individually Programable Portions. (Beer + Spirits)
  • 8 Programmable Price or Portions changes per day
  • Monitors up to six beerlines (Digitally) in portions or total Oz served.
  • Free programing software.